Create a 90 Day Marketing Gameplan

Struggling with scaling your business? This brand new Kickstarter training will get you on the right track to start growing your business. This program is broken down to learn a four new concepts that will create a plan for growth. First we will will go over the Foundations of the program, The Growth Triad, and you will fill out a 90-Day Gameplan. Then, we will walk you through how to document your strategy using a Customer Value Journey. In the next step we will take a look at metrics you should be tracking in order to understand how well you’re marketing is doing and then we’ll fill out a Growth Scorecard for your business. Finally, we’ll map out a growth plan to kick start your business and make it scale!

Creating a Social Media Mindmap

Stop scratching your head and trying to figure out what you can post on social media to grow, engage, and convert your audience.
Start organizing your ideas in a way that allows you to regularly develop any type of social media posts that cater specifically to the goals that you’re trying to achieve.

The Marketing Campaign Checklist That Produces Results

In this workshop, we will cover the 10-step approach to crafting a marketing campaign. When done right, crafting a marketing campaign based on using these ten steps will help you start to produce high quality leads and customers that will help you and your business grow.

Create a Social Media Strategy

Create and launch a social media strategy to help you generate more followers, effectively engage with that audience, and drive more conversions.

How to Get Started with Optimization & Testing

Optimization & testing helps brands and businesses develop a repeatable optimization process to increase conversions in their sales funnel, landing pages, and key conversion pages. In short, optimization & testing diagnoses site problems and test new solutions that increase PROFITS for traffic you ALREADY HAVE.

Build a High-Converting Landing Page

An effective landing page will enhance your marketing or advertising campaign by presenting your offer and making the visitor excited to take action. This playbook will guide you through the steps to take to ensure your landing pages cut ad costs, boost leads and sales, and measure your acquisition, activation, and monetization campaigns.

Create a Customer Avatar to Reach Your Ideal Customer

In this playbook, you’ll create a Customer Avatar Worksheet (a one-page document that has everything you need to know about your best customers). This will give you a better understanding of who your ideal customers are and the best avenues to reach them, all while reducing the amount of guesswork.

Branding & Digital: Finding Your Voice

Join us for a free training session and learn the hows and whys of modern day branding and how to effectively portray your brand through digital marketing.

Mapping Out Your Buyer Personas

This exercise will impact virtually every aspect of your marketing and sales process including…

  • Content Marketing – What blog posts, videos, Lead Magnets, etc. should you create to attract and convert your buyer persona?
  • Paid Traffic – Which ad platforms should you buy traffic from and what targeting options should you use?
  • Product Creation – What solutions is your buyer persona searching for?
  • Copywriting – How should you describe offers in your email marketing, ads and sales letters in a way that compels your buyer persona to buy?
  • Email Marketing – Which buyer persona should receive a specific email marketing campaign?

… and that’s just scratching the surface. Any part of the marketing and sales process that “touches” the customer (which is pretty much EVERYTHING) will improve when you get clear on your buyer persona.

Sales Funnels for Local Businesses

We know that “sales funnels” is a bit of a buzz word but with good reason because they actually work. “Sales Funnel” is really just a fancy word for a sales system. And as a business owner you should have one in place in order to continuously to attract new and repeat customers.