Create a 90 Day Marketing Gameplan

Struggling with scaling your business? This brand new Kickstarter training will get you on the right track to start growing your business. This program is broken down to learn a four new concepts that will create a plan for growth. First we will will go over the Foundations of the program, The Growth Triad, and you will fill out a 90-Day Gameplan. Then, we will walk you through how to document your strategy using a Customer Value Journey. In the next step we will take a look at metrics you should be tracking in order to understand how well you’re marketing is doing and then we’ll fill out a Growth Scorecard for your business. Finally, we’ll map out a growth plan to kick start your business and make it scale!

How to Create a Promotional Calendar

In this workshop we are going to cover the role of a promotional calendar and walk through the 12 Step To Creating a Winning Promotional Calendar. This is a hands on course and once you are done you will have your promotional calendar set up for 2018. We will map out what to sell, when to sell it and who you are going to sell it to PLUS mapping out your revenue targets for each month, quarter, year.