Group Training

Get hands-on training for your group or organization in a fun and relaxed learning environment.

Get hands-on marketing training that you can implement today

Group Workshops are a great way to get hands on training in digital marketing that will allow your team or community to take your business and your online marketing efforts to the next level.

Beginners and advanced marketers can all learn something as we always covers what’s new, foundational online marketing topics and tactical digital marketing concepts that are purely focused around promoting and driving sales for local businesses and entities.

What’s Covered in our Group Workshops?

We have three types of group workshops; 

  • Nutshell Presentations: 45 minute talks plus a Q&A session afterwards. These are great for learning concepts and quick wins.
  • Implementation Workshops: By the end of these three hour workshops, team members will have developed new marketing skills  that they can use to carry out their digital marketing plan in-house. Up to 30 participants can attend a session.
  • Series Workshops: Some topics just need more time to learn and implement. Our series workshops are comprised of 4-6 learning sessions approximately 1.5-3 hours in length that take place over the course of a few weeks. Up to 30 participants can attend a session.

Over 50 continuously updated workshops topics to choose from!

Group Training FAQs

What size of group can you train?
We will train group sizes of one to 30. For virtual trainings (delivered via webinar) we allow up to 150 participants. Rates for groups larger than 30 people can be provided.

Where does training take place?

Our trainers can come to you or you can plan for your group to attend trainer at one of our office locations (Sault Ste. Marie or Victoria).

How much do trainings cost?
Our rates are as follows:

  • Nutshell presentations- $2000
  • Implementation workshops- $2500 half day, $4500 full day
  • Series Workshops- vary by course and length

How do I learn more or book a session?

You can have a chat with Zoltan Virag, our Client Success Partner by emailing or by booking a discovery session.

What Our Attendees Are Saying

We have been providing training and coaching to businesses and non-profits for over a decade. Here are some testimonials of past training session participants.

Interested in holding a workshop?

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