Transitioning to Online Sales

A guide for local businesses on how to transition to online sales.

Learn the Psychology Behind Successful Marketing

How to craft a predictable selling system that transforms strangers into rabid buyers.

Build a Landing Page in a Nutshell

Everything you need to learn about building a landing page at your fingertips.

Launch A New Facebook Ad Campaign

Get the most out of your advertising dollars by learning how to direct Facebook to your target audience.

Build and Optimize Your First Promotion

Build a promotion to create scarcity and gives your audience a reason they need to purchase or opt-in now.

Write an Email Newsletter

You’ve done all the work to get email subscribers. Use this one strategy to keep your subscribers engaged and interested.

Create a Customer Avatar to Reach Your Ideal Customer

This easy-to-use worksheet will help you identify and better understand your target audience’s goals, motivations, and turn-offs.

Create Your First Lead Magnet

The successful, money-making marketer knows how to get a prospect to happily give their contact information. Do you?

Optimize Your Offer for Higher Conversions

Use this checklist to test your offers and find opportunities to increase conversions and build new customers.

Publish a Blog Post to WordPress

A blog post is a great way to reach the largest relevant audience. Follow these simple steps to publish your first blog post today!

Write a Traffic-Generating Blog Post

Use your blog posts to build trust and a relationship with your audience. Follow these simple steps to create effective, traffic-generating blog posts.

Build a High-Converting Landing Page

Improve your advertising campaigns with these simple steps to create high-converting landing pages.